All About Monthly Payment Websites

Some questions you might ask...

  What Is a Website Pay Monthly Plan and Why Would I Want One? ?

Website pay monthly plans are a cost-effective way to get access to the features and tools you need for your website without breaking the bank. With a flat monthly rate, you can control your budget while also staying on top of upgrades and other changes - all while getting the most out of your online presence.

Website pay monthly plans give you the ability to pay for your website using a monthly billing cycle. This can be a great way to save money and have more control over your website's expenses.

  Why do some website design companies charge so much more ?

Yes, there's still website developers and multi-media companies out there which can charge in excess of £10,000 for a fairly basic website. And I guess they do, because the can, and they'll justify it by adding things on that the client doesn't need or know about. However, prices are coming down across the sector as more people start using third party software to build their websites. Be wary of designers who charge 5 figures for any kind of website.

We save on costs as we have little in the way overheads. We're a small Glasgow based website company and we work from home, so no office overhead costs which get passed onto the client.

  How are ADBEYO websites designed ?

We can design and build them by either coding by hand, using HTML, CSS and Javascript or by using a website builder like SquareSpace or Webflow. We will build the website in a way which is most appropriate for you, and will decide together with you, what's the most suitable way to build the site. Ultimately you can choose how you want your website built, but we can best advise based on your needs.

 Is my website hosted with ADBEYO ?

No. Hosting is provided by an external Hosting company. However, we incorporate the costs of hosting your website. Currently we host all our websites on a shared server hosted by an American company called ChemiCloud.

  What are the benefits of paying monthly instead of just a lump sum?

The biggest one for the customer is that they're not shelling out for something which might stop working properly in a couple of months. Also, if the client's needs change, for example their business model changes or closes, they can simply stop paying for the website - with no cancellation fee. A website is pretty essential for every business to day, but there are a risks associated with paying for one which don't really exist with monthly payment website models. You're website will also look good as we (adbeyowebdesign) don't want to lose you as a client so we're always ensuring your site is up to date and you're happy with it.

 Can I get a basic site now and update it later ?

Yes. No matter how we build your site, we can always go back and add to it or edit it. It's what you're paying for with your monthly payments. Our model allows you to adapt and edit your website. Even the look and style of it if you're not content. Pay as you go websites allow the client to always be in control of their website.

 Can I set up a booking form on my website ?

Yes. We're happy to discuss all your requirements with you. After a discussion we might both agree that we're not the best organisation to meet your needs. We actually don't take all clients, as some clients have needs which fall outwith our market.
A free (no strings attached) consultation with us will help you make an informed decision on how to build your website.

 Can I sell stuff on my website ?

Absolutely. There are different ways to allow you to sell items and take payments securely on your website. We'd be happy to discuss these options with you. To sell, you'd need to get an add-on from our range of services, which would increase monthly costs beyond £20 a month. If you're thinking about selling on your website we'd be happy to discuss with you whether we'd be a good partner or even whether pay as you go services are right for your website business.

 Does Adbeyo Website Design only serve clients in Glasgow and Edinburgh ?

No. We are small website agency based in Glasgow with clients in Glasgow and Edinburgh, but we are open to working with anybody in the world. It really doesn't matter where you are based - we're only a call away and can hold all meetings online with you during the creative process.

 Are prices fixed or can they change?

Prices are fixed from the first 6 months from when you first start paying for your website. After 6 months we reserve the right to change the prices. If you're not happy with the price increase you are no obligation to keep paying. Our business model is a monthly pay as you go. To cancel you just have to notify us and you wont' be charged for any subsequent months.

 Who owns the website?

Technically we do. Although you have full say over how it looks. However, if you stop paying monthly payments the website will disappear from the internet. It's almost like we build the website and then hire it out to you on a monthly basis, during which time we are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep.

 How do I make the monthly payments for my website?

Payments are set up via a direct debit. You'll be able to set this up electronically.

 What if I'm not happy with my website?

This is the good bit. If you're not happy with your website you tell us and we work together with you to make sure you are happy with it. If you're still not happy, you simply stop paying us. There is no risk for you. We hold all the risk, as if you don't like the site and stop paying, we've spent a lot of time building a site for nothing. So for us, it's crucial that you're satisfied and you remain satisfied. At the very worst you'll maybe lose the cost of one month.