Why do some places charge sooooo much more ?

Yes, there's still companies out there which can charge in excess of £10,000 for a fairly basic website. And I guess they do, because the can, and they'll justify it by adding things on that the client doesn't need or know about. However, prices are coming down across the sector as more people start using third party software to build their websites. Be wary of designers who charge 5 figures for any kind of website.

  What are the benefits of paying monthly instead of just a lump sum?

The biggest one for the customer is that they're not shelling out for something which might stop working properly in a couple of months. OAlso, if the client's needs change, for example their business model changes or closes, they can simply stop paying for the website - with no cancellation fee. A website is pretty essential for every business to day, irrespective of size, so now, for the price of three pints a month, you can have yours.

 Can I set up a booking form on my website ?

Yes. We're happy to discuss all your requirements with you.

  How are ADBEYO websites designed ?

We can design and build them by either coding by hand, using Wordpress templates or using a website builder like SquareSpace or Webflow. We will build the website in a way which is most appropriate for you, and will decide together with you, what's the most suitable way to build the site.

 Is my website hosted with ADBEYO ?

No. Hosting is provided by an external Hosting company.

 Can I get a basic site now and update it later ?

Yes. No matter how we build your site, we can always go back and add to it or edit it. It's what you're paying for with your monthly payments.

 Can I sell stuff on my website ?

Absolutely. There are different ways to allow you to sell items and take payments securely on your website. We'd be happy to discuss these options with you.